The only educational institution and company in Latvia is awarded the international EFQM Committed to Excellence Certificate

“Mikus Zelmenis, Chairman of the Board of the Latvian Quality Association, and Vanda Novokshonova, EFQM IAT Lecturer and Assessor, presented the EFQM C2E Certificate of Excellence. We are very proud and honored, all the more so because we are the only ones in Latvia today holding this certificate, not only among organizations, but also among all Latvian higher education institutions.

There are organizations in Latvia that use the EFQM Excellence Model and the GOA-WorkBench (R) Self-Assessment Tool, but they do not reach the Certificate of Excellence. We already had a good foundation in the company, and thanks to the EFQM Excellence Model and Self-Assessment, we not only refined our documentation but also gained new knowledge and opportunities for further development. Our hard and persistent work has proved its worth, and it is very important for us to ensure competitive and quality education in the future.

Regardless of the scope and maturity of the organization, its leadership requires management approaches that focuses on achieving the organization’s strategic goals while respecting its values and maintaining high performance and sustainable excellence. There are different management tools and techniques, but we chose the EFQM Excellence Model. Created in 1989 by the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), the Excellence in Business Model is one of the most effective tools that, through a series of changes and adaptations to become more relevant to the current situation, has proven its value among mostly European enterprises. (EFQM modelcriteria, 2013)

The biggest challenge for me as an entrepreneur is to share my plans and goals, to involve all stakeholders in the process – students, teachers, alumni, industry associations, employers and others – to take their views and recommendations into account. Learn and strive for excellence every day. Thank you to my professional team for their hard work and international experts for the evaluation!” says Marika Gederte, founder of the College.

The EFQM Excellence Model certification was part of the set goals of the ESF project No International College of Cosmetology – Good Governance for Sustainable Economic Growth.

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