International College of Cosmetology receives the prestigious CIBTAC Award

Last Sunday, in the CIBTAC and BABTAC Awards ceremony, the International College of Cosmetology received the prestigious CIBTAC Award for the category New CIBTAC Centre 2019. It was presented by the stunning Caroline Hirons.

The CIBTAC Awards celebrate the amazing work and commitment of their Centres, Tutors and Students. Winning the award reassures our students that our services are recognised within the industry as first-class. Other finalists of this category are Coco College of Beauty Therapy (Ireland) and Tesio Therapist Academy (Japan).

The ceremony followed the Innovative Beauty One Day Conference. “Education, professionalism and industry development are central to our organisations philosophy and this is the perfect event to showcase innovations, up-skill our members and celebrate excellence. It is also the perfect opportunity for collaboration and networking amongst industry players, ” CIBTAC. Both events took place in the Castle Hotel in Windsor.

We have worked incredibly hard to get where we are. The Award proves that it’s not for nothing and efforts to improve so many aspects of our centre are recognized and valued by the industry. Such recognition is incredibly motivating to continue the great work with even more passion. Our hope is that this will also motivate more students to take the CIBTAC exams at our centre, knowing that the quality of education they have received is honoured by the examining organization. We believe we are setting high standards for education in beauty and wellness and, together with CIBTAC, challenging poor practice.

Once again, thank you to all staff and students who each have contributed to the college’s success and thank you to everyone at CIBTAC for your continued support, the wonderful event and of course the Award.

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