We will get through this…

The Spring has finally come, but this time it’s very different. No one expected this. More than ever, we understand that our health is a priority. In one day, the high-speed train of our daily routine was stopped.

A well-known saying confirms that life begins at the end of one’s comfort zone. Now we are all in a new situation which pushes us to learn to work and make decisions remotely. Of course, this creates some anxiety for everyone, but we will deal with this sooner or later. Being able to switch to new solutions during the day, transforming and maintaining business continuity has been our college’s biggest challenge of the past weeks. Maintaining inner peace, believing in ourselves is my calling not only to college educators but also to students and staff. Providing student support and finding new solutions to overcome this state of emergency in the country to ensure the continuity of the study process is our current priority.

I wholeheartedly thank my professional team and the educators who can deal promptly with this crisis. Thanks to the students who switched from full-time study to an online environment. We are learning with you. We will get through this!

Wishing everyone health and happiness,

Founder and Board Member at International College of Cosmetology,

Marika Gederte