Renewal of Ebelmuiža park: in the second round new lilac varieties and flowers

For the second year in a row, the International College of Cosmetology, in cooperation with the support of SIA Rīgas Meži and SIA Paulig Coffee Latvia, is setting up the Ēbelmuižas Park, supplementing it with new plantings. This year, gorgeous flower beds will join the landscape with the new purple lilacs.

“Ēbelmuižas parks”, which at present, thanks to the bright purple lilacs and flowers, has already become a popular place for recreation and walks of the residents of the area, continues to be improved by “SIA Rīgas Meži” part “Gardens and Parks”, International College of Cosmetology students, teachers and SIA Paulig Coffee Latvia staff team.

Today, lilac is one of the shrubs that has become an integral part of the flowering landscape of Latvia’s countryside and urban environment. This year, the landscape has been harmoniously complemented with flowers, mostly perennials plants: phlox, geraniums, and others. All plants are selected in shades of purple, which has already become the signature of “Ēbelmuiža Park”.

Margarita Alabjeva – Vaišļa, a member of the board of SIA Paulig Coffee Latvia, is satisfied with the work done: “It is so nice to be a part of such an inspiring project. Here is the work of Latvian breeders, the desire to clean up the environment and create positive emotions for people. This is in accordance with the basic principles of our company: sustainability, care for nature, social responsibility for the final product. And, of course, the aesthetic moment is also important, because even if you stay in this inspiring environment for a moment, a person gains strength and positive emotions for the whole day.”

“A few years ago, with the launch of our Green Class Initiative, the idea arose that we needed an environment where we could leave something to other generations and society as a whole. We wanted to create an educational and vibrant environment to which we would like to return again and again. Ēbelmuiža Park is literally next to our college and the 90 lilacs compiled last year not only satisfied the planters themselves, but we also realized that this is just the beginning of the sustainable development of the park in the future. We are very happy that every year more partners get involved in the development of the idea,” says Marika Ģederte, Chairman of the Board of the International College of Cosmetology.

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