A new partnership with Tartu Health Care College

On June 2, during the visit of our lecturers to Tartu, the 41st international cooperation agreement was signed with Tartu Health Care College, which implements 6 higher education programs (physiotherapy), 5 professional (including massage) and 2 master’s degree programs. The college has approximately 1,300 students and 135 staff members.

Next year we will be waiting for a group of students from Tartu to visit and we are also planning a return visit of our students to Tartu.

In 1811, Professor Chr. Fr. Deutsch founded the Midwifery School, which is still considered the forerunner of the current college.

For about 200 years, the college has been merged with different schools, with different names (the best known being Tartu Medical School / Tartu Meditsiinikool), and provided education and training in different fields and at different levels.

Since 2005, the College has been legally operating as a professional higher education institution; these changes were made possible by the excellent results of international accreditation in 2004.

The teaching and studies of the college were carried out in different buildings, but since 2011 the college has its own study building. By the way, in 2011 architect Tarmo Piirmets was awarded the Estonian Interior Architects Association’s annual award for the college’s interior design.

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