The 4th International Scientific Conference has been held

An international scientific conference was held on June 9, attended by 18 lecturers, 7 of whom were foreign guests from countries such as Great Britain, Poland, Germany, Greece and Serbia. Conference started at 9:00 in the morning and ended 8 hours later, covering topics such as massage therapy for oncology patients, the positive effects of vitamin D and heliotherapy on human health. The results of the study where hand disinfectants were used daily were presented, as well as how to balance daily and health habits and a lecture on the concept of beauty and its understanding through the centuries.

Topics covered included cosmetics composition, longevity medicine, self-help techniques for self-emotional recovery, cryodestruction of benign formations, the effects of cryotherapy on human health, the effects of microbiome on PMS, cigun self-massage, alternative senolythic testing methods in cosmetology and the effects of massage for stroke patients.

We sincerely thank all the conference lecturers, moderators and its organizers! See you next year, when we will talk about gerontology and life after 50+.

Thank you Labrains cosmetics manufacturers for gifts to all lecturers.

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