The International College of Cosmetology opens its own training salon

In order to ensure the continuity and high quality of aesthetic cosmetology and therapeutic massage study programs, at the end of this year we have invested in the creation of a new training salon with 4 rooms for our trainees. 

As part of the qualification practice, clients will be offered special and low prices for beauty services, so that trainees will have a wide opportunity to practice on clients no age, as well as and have an opportunity to have prospective future clients.

The salon offers a wide range of cosmetics for salon visitors from the professional brands Mary Cohr (France) and Babor (Germany).  We are also starting to distribute the Babor brand to our graduates and students. For price lists and descriptions, those interested should contact In the next spring semester, an internship in the study room within 1 credit point will be mandatory for all students.

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