We invite you to the 5th International scientific conference “How to grow harmoniously. Innovations in gerontology”

For centuries, we have been living in prejudices and stereotypes that aging and all the processes associated with it are boring. Gerontology is a branch of biology and medicine that studies the regularities of living beings, including humans. This sector deals with the physical, mental and social aspects of aging and its main task is to prolong human life.

Unfortunately, often as an individual reaches a certain age, they are confronted with societal norms and stereotypes about age, which often puts these people in a “bubble” because of their age. The conference, organized by the International College of Cosmetology, wants to break these myths, as well as hope to help get out of this “bubble” not only those who are in it, but also society as a whole. You ask how? With the help of invited lecturers – who want to inspire and motivate the conference listeners. Together we want to show that the year number in the passport is just a combination of numbers, it is up to us how harmoniously we will age.

On June 9 and 10, 2022, the International College of Cosmotology is organizing the 5th International Scientific Conference, which will be attended by 27 lecturers from 10 countries, such as Greece, USA, India, United Kingdom, Poland, Portugal and others. The conference is divided into two parts – on Thursday in English and on Friday in Latvian. The conference will take place ONLINE and is free of charge.

You can get acquainted with all lecturers and apply for the conference here

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