A children’s play corner has been opened in the college premises

The new academic year has prepared surprises for our youngest visitors aged 3-14. Grant project “Family-friendly workplace” of the program organized by the Society Integration Fund No. 2022.LV/ĘDDV/5 “Together at home, together at work!” as part of this, we have purchased an interactive table “Manico funtable”, a floor mat and chairs for the children’s play corner for the total amount of EUR 2682. The mat is also great for babies to relax from sitting in a child car seat.

As the chairman of the board Marika Ģederte admitted: “We chose this table because the large 32” touch-sensitive screen of the tablet is built into a stable, colorful and durable plastic table body, which is easy to maintain, providing the necessary sanitary and hygienic conditions. The body of the interactive table is made of environmentally friendly materials, which is also child-friendly and has the appropriate certificate. The screen is made of reinforced, 5mm thick protective glass treated with anti-glare technology. The Manico table is compact, does not take up much space and does not consist of many small parts, which provides a safe environment for children. Manico funtable comes with 10 learning apps.

With the Manico funtable, children will be able to draw, color and count, thus reducing the amount of paper consumed. The company has already implemented a “green” office – documents are circulated only electronically, waste is sorted; we do not use disposable dishes. Children’s chairs are made of health-safe plastic, a material from which baby bottles, diapers and food storage boxes are also made. The composition of the carpet has been specially tested – it does not contain chemicals that can harm the child’s skin or health.”

Continuing the started good practice, ensuring the well-being of employees, which consists not only of a suitable and well-equipped workplace and emotional balance, but also the balance of work and private environment. SKK as an employer is empathetic, human and understands the needs of families with children. In order to reduce stressful conditions and the time spent on the road, in those cases when the child does not attend preschool or school (up to 14 years old) and the parent has to perform work duties in person, it is important that the child feels comfortable, safe and not bored at this workplace, the time spent is interesting, creative and instructive.

In 2021, the International College of Cosmetology received the status of “Family-friendly merchant” in the category of small and medium-sized companies.

Information about the project: https://skk.lv/project-no-2022-lv-gddv-5-together-at-home-together-at-work/

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