International Week 2020 has been anounced

July 8, 2019

Sustainability this day is a hot topic and we find it crucial to discuss it in the scope of beauty, wellness, and health care industries as well. Hence, we continue the work we began with our first international week and devote the topic to Sustainable Wellness. The first day is all about getting to know each other and building connections. Next, workshops will focus on sustainable practices. The conference will gather international speakers and you are invited to give a presentation as well. Last but not least, we will provide space for more formal meetings to discuss future cooperation with our staff or with the newly acquainted colleagues.   The [...]

8 months and bachelor’s degree from University of Derby

July 3, 2019

We have been cooperating with the University of Derby in the UK for a couple of years and are pleased to share our alumni experience with obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in International Spa Management within less than a year. Silvija is the first to use this opportunity and she has returned to Latvia. “I learned about the opportunity to study at the University of Derby, England, in May 2018, when Marika Gederte had just returned from there and presented this new opportunity to the graduates. As I was the first to take this step, I had to face a few major differences in training, which required additional research from my side. All in all, I think this was a [...]

ICC receives quality management system certification ISO 9001:2015

July 3, 2019

We are pleased to announce that we have received the quality management system certification ISO 9001: 2015. It was solemnly presented by Jānis Švirksts, Managing Director of BM Trada Latvija. “Implementing a Quality Management Framework is a strategic decision that can help improve its overall performance and provide a solid foundation for sustainable development initiatives. This international standard uses a process approach that includes a PLAN – DO – CHECK – ACT (PDCA) cycle and risk-based thinking. This approach allows the organization to plan processes and their interactions.” (ISO Standard) The benefits for the college of implementing [...]

Erasmus+ students from Poland say goodbye

June 17, 2019

It’s bittersweet to say goodbye to our first Erasmus+ exchange students. Thank you, Anna and Olesia and Bronislaw Markiewicz State Higher School of Technology and Economics in Jaroslaw, for choosing us. We learned a lot from you. Now the path is trailed and we are ready for the next Erasmus+ [...]