VISAS and residence permits

Visas (if needed) and residence permits for persons interested in studying in Latvia are acquired as part of the application and enrolment process. Based on a positive assessment of the applicant’s education documents provided by the Academic Information Centre, and a successful enrolment application, the university contacts the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (OCMA) to apply for a 3-month entry visa for citizens of countries who require a visa. EU citizens can spend up to 90 days a year in Latvia without a visa if they have a valid passport or identity card (for a full list of countries whose citizens do not require a visa to enter Latvia see the OCMA website). When the student has arrived, a residence permit is applied for by the university on behalf of the student for the period of studies in which the student is enrolled.

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Health insurance

Each student must be aware that it is mandatory to be covered by health insurance for the entire planned period of stay in the Republic of Latvia. The health insurance policy should guarantee coverage of expenses associated with health care provision in the Republic of Latvia, including expenses associated with return travel to one’s country of origin in case of serious health problems. The minimum coverage limit indicated in the policy cannot be less than 42,600 EUR over the insurance period. More information on accessing health care can be found here.

Citizens of the European Union Member States, Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland or Switzerland can use the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). This document certifies that the holder is a resident of one of the aforementioned countries and is covered by the social insurance system of this country. During the period that the holder of the EHIC card resides in another of the participating countries, the card ensures the right to receive necessary or emergency health care to the same extent that it is available under the national social insurance system to the permanent residents of the country in question.

Grading system in Latvia

Grading system. Degree of achieved study results is assessed by 10-point degree system or PASS/FAIL.

Grade Meaning Comments Estimated corresponding ECTS grade
10 with distinction Knowledge of student is substantially higher than an estimated normal level. A++
9 excellent Knowledge of student is higher than an estimated normal level A+
8 very good Knowledge corresponds to the highest expected level. A
7 good The student has achieved the subject deeply and with understanding, is progressing within the expected limits, but makes minor mistakes. B
6 almost good The student has generally achieved the course within the necessary limits but he or she is either: more reproducing the knowledge than actively using it, or makes more substantial mistakes. C
5  satisfactor Awarded to students, which are progressing within the limits of their individual abilities, in general are not behind the appropriate age group, but make substantial mistakes and are more fixing the facts then analyzing them. D
4 almost satisfactory the very last positive grade. Might be awarded to students who do their best but still make severe mistakes and are practically just reproducing most of the necessary material. E
3-1 unsatisfactory different levels of marks for students whose record is below the expected for the appropriate age group.

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College of Cosmetology has developed an excellent cooperation with School of Business Administration “BAT” offering their students opportunity to stay in dormitories during studies.

Additional information by phone: +371 26378425


About Riga


Why should you choose to study in Riga?

Riga – culture capital of the Baltics!

Riga offers dynamic cultural life. Latvian National Opera gathers world-level artists. Concert halls regularly offer classic and popular music concerts, exhibition halls present works of world-known classical and contemporary artists. Cultural life of Riga is generous in various manifestations.

Riga, as a European Capital of Culture 2014, is being held up as one of the most successful Capitals of Culture. Riga has been able to show that the status of European Capital of Culture can be more than a formal slogan, but a way to underscore our own cultural identity, talent and excellence in the European mix, which would reinforce every person’s awareness of our creativity and special worth.

Riga – an architectural pearl!

Architecture of Riga is beauteous and diverse. Heritage of 800 years old Gothic churches, built by founders of Riga, medieval buildings in the Old Town, exquisite Art Nouveau, as well as wooden buildings make Riga a true pearl of architecture.

Riga – capital of gastronomy

Riga’s restaurants offer fusion cuisine, where one can taste Latvian traditional meals, and original meals offering an astonishing combination of tastes and taking you for an exciting gastronomic journey.

Riga – place for active holidays

Marathon, orienteering, and adventure competitions – those are only some of activities, which one may enjoy in Riga. Parks are perfect for jogging in summers and skiing in winters. Water resources, golf fields, motor sport racetrack there is something for all sport enthusiasts.

Riga, where centuries meet

Riga is more than 800 years old. Each century has left its marks in the architecture in the Old Town and City Centre here the cultural heritage coexists with the quick pace of modern living.

Riga – city for beauty and wellness

Riga is cut out for enjoying SPA treatments and beauty procedures – one can do that in the very centre. When being in Riga, one must enjoy traditional Latvian bath! As College of Cosmetology is the one providing the best professionals in industry – we always will have opinion regarding beauty and wellness industry.

Riga – city for shopping

The Old Town is cut out for leisurely shopping – little shops offering souvenirs, art galleries are settled in the narrow streets of the Old Town, but shopping centres offer items both of foreign and local brands.

Riga – city for your health

Professional and high class medical personnel will help you to improve your health. Health procedures in Riga have become popular thanks to attractive prices and high quality service.

Finally, Riga – city for your education

College of Cosmetology is the largest and finest college providing the highest quality education. We offer an opportunity to study with and without previous higher medical education, meantime providing an excellent opportunity to combine work and studies. The college helps every student to develop his/her own personal vision of business and its capabilities. College graduates are excellent beauty specialists whose education meets the increasing requirements and expectations of today’s customer. More detailed information about College you can find in our catalogue which is issued in three languages – Latvian, English and Russian skk_buklets_A5_2 (1)

Would you like to find out more about Latvia?

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To honor the important role Latvia has taken over starting from January 1, 2015, for six whole months: the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, introductory video has been made. Welcome!