With the ambition to become the leading college in healthcare industry, we strive for excellence and quality, efficient study management, continuous innovation, international research and the development of ingenious ideas.

Being a responsible education institution is our main cornerstone in which human is a core asset.

This year we opened the International Cooperation and Innovations Office, where, thanks to meaningful international cooperation, international research and cooperation projects are being launched.

A good partnership with the industry’s leading specialists and employers is important in order for graduates to be highly sought after, well trained and competitive in the labour market not only in Latvia, but also outside the borders. Our goal is to create capable, innovative specialists with high professional knowledge and skills, and entrepreneurial competencies.

Nothing can inspire as much as new dreams and ambitions, which are implemented in a team with people who love their work and are constantly learning and developing to achieve goals.

Best of luck for all of us!

Marika Gederte – founder and co-owner of college

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