I have to agree with Steve Jobs, who says that “if you do something and it turns out pretty good, then you should go do something else wonderful, not dwell on it for too long.”

Focus on the result and customer orientation, leadership and substantive goal setting, process-based management, staff development and engagement, continuous learning, partnership building, and corporate social responsibility are just some of the activities we started a year ago and continue to develop.

I have realized how important it is for ourselves to learn and expand our comfort zone, to develop critical thinking and to analyze any information.

This year, half of our staff have become students, continuing their education in various development programs. We have literally embarked on a student’s shoe to understand how a student feels today, and to look for ways to make their studies exciting and professional. Every day, we learn how to become better, more efficient and faster, how to set and achieve higher goals and to believe them.

We are still continuing what has been started, that is, being a responsible educational institution where people are the core value. Through various initiatives, we are thinking about the sustainability of our college, about diversity, about protecting the environment. But nothing can inspire me like the new dreams and ambitions that are implemented in team of people who love their job and constantly learn and develop themselves to achieve goals.

Wishing an exciting and interesting new study year, Photo: Rolands Bass Marika Gederte – chairman of the board, co-owner and founder of the college Founded and established the International College of Cosmetology, currently chairman of the board. Graduated from Riga International School of Economics and Business in 2004 with a Master’s degree in Business Administration. This year, awarded the Quality Management System Manager certification by Bureau Veritas, a certificate in marketing and communication by the Berlin International Institute for Business and Management, Organizational Health online at Harvard University, Lean System at Oxford University, The Science of Well-Being at Yale University, Weight Management: Beyond Balancing Calories! at Emory University, Digital Marketing at RISEBA. Currently learning Rhetoric: The Art of Persuasive Writing and Public Speaking online at Harvard University. Marika Gederte is the patroness of the Pediatric Palliative Care Society, a mentor at Lidere (Leader) society, at business HUB Turiba, at Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program and mentor of project Future Heroes for young leaders. She has established the Beauty Industry Education Quality Foundation and awards the Beauty Expert Award to the best in the industry. A former trainer of Rotary district (2410 Riga – Sweden), president of Riga Rīdzene Rotary Club in 2017, former member of Riga Entrepreneurs, she is member of Knowledge Council at Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. M.Gederte received the Human Develpoment Award in Latvia in 2018 in the category of Social Responsibility, and in 2015 she received the Rotary International’s Paul Harris award. Contacts: marika/at/
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