Students’ Council


International College of  Cosmetology StudentsUnion (ICC SU) is a student-led union that provides advice on academic, welfare, cultural and sport issues, represents students opinions and rights at International Cosmetology College, the Student Union of Latvia as well as other national and international level institutions and organizations.  Students’ Union enriches student life by organizing a diverse and inclusive range of activities that includes skills development, volunteering opportunities, training and opportunities to spend free time together with other students.

By joining ICC SU you will:

  • gain invaluable experience of organizing events, conferences and workshops. You will get an unique opportunity to be behind the scenes of whole ICC events organization process;
  • improve your time management and presentation skills;
  • learn to represent your and other students rights on various issues;
  • get the latest information about the events at International Cosmetology College. Be first one to know the news!
  • get valid feedback on your great performance;
  • get an opportunity to work side by side with the management team of International Cosmetology College – everyone likes – wise, active and fascinating people;
  • Enrich your free time. Every member will be able to find something for himself as the range of possibilities is huge. We are looking forward to see you and hear your ideas&suggestions!


International Cosmetology College StudentsUnion meetings are organized once a month to discuss ongoing issues and plan next events and activities.

We are inviting you to join International Cosmetology College Students’ Union – become a member or a volunteer!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask or visit us:


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