Application for studies in International College of Cosmetology , for 2016/2017 academic year

 From 4th, July 2016 to 17th August, 2016


Persons with 1st level higher professional or higher medical education apply to winter addmision from 9th January, 2017 to 27th January, 2017.



Necessary documents

  1. Certificate or diploma of secondary education and a copy of the transcript of records (presenting the original);
  2. Copy of a Certificate of Centralized Examinations (presenting the original); (CE Certificate: Latvian language and a foreign language)
    for the applicants who acquired secondary education before 2004 – a document of secondary education
  3. Copy of a passport (presenting the original)
  4. 3 photos (3 x 4 cm);
  5. Application (to be filled in upon submitting the documents to the College);
  6. State language proficiency certificate; (for the applicants who have graduated from minority schools and have not passed a centralized examination in the Latvian language)
  7. Copies of the documents confirming changes in the personal data – presenting the original;
  8. For the orphans and children left without parental care – a copy of a certificate for the provision of social guarantees (presenting the original)
  9. A document confirming payment of the registration fee (20.00 euros) if money is paid in the ICC bank account.
  10. Copy of a document (Diploma) confirming the latest acquired education, presenting the original.


Contact our College administration to arrange a personal meeting and to discuss options of becoming a student of The International College of Cosmetology. During the interview, every interested person can ask questions regarding registration for studies, tuition fee and the study process. For further information call +371 26378425.

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