International College of Cosmetology

We will get through this…

March 31, 2020

The Spring has finally come, but this time it’s very different. No one expected this. More than ever, we understand that our health is a priority. In one day, the high-speed train of our daily routine was stopped. A well-known saying confirms that life begins at the end of one’s comfort zone. Now we are all in a new situation which pushes us to learn to work and make decisions remotely. Of course, this creates some anxiety for everyone, but we will deal with this sooner or later. Being able to switch to new solutions during the day, transforming and maintaining business continuity has been our college’s biggest challenge of the past weeks. [...]

International College of Cosmetology is awarded for diversity management

November 21, 2019

In a ceremony, organized by the establishment “Dažādībā ir spēks” (direct translation – There is Power in Diversity) , International College of Cosmetology received the award in the category “Our Communication 2019”. It is awarded for “the implementation of diversity management elements, the exchange of good practices and the promotion of the inclusion of different groups in society”. Among the 31 participants, 5 companies received awards in different categories. We are grateful for the recognition. The concept of diversity resonates with all the core values of the International College of Cosmetology – social [...]

Vieslektors Pavel Petkov no Bulgārijas novērtē SKK studentu profesionalitāti

October 15, 2019

10. un 11.oktobrī Starptautiskajā Kosmetoloģijas koledžā viesojās lektors no Plevenas medicīnas universitātes Bulgārijā, kur savukārt pirms pus gada viesojās SKK direkotores vietniece un 2 lektores. P.Petkovs pasniedza aromterapijas meistarklasi 3 dažādām studentu grupām no kosmetoloģijas un masāžas programmas. Sākumā stāstīja teoriju un izrādīja savu ēterisko eļļu kolekciju, tad rādīja demonstrāciju un tad studenti paši praktiski darbojās, viens otram veicot masāžas. Ak, kāda smaržu buķete radās mūsu praktiskajā kabinetā! Pasniedzējs augsti novērtēja gan studentu profesionālo izskatu, gan augsto sagatavotību. Viņš [...]

International College of Cosmetology receives the prestigious CIBTAC Award

September 17, 2019

Last Sunday, in the CIBTAC and BABTAC Awards ceremony, the International College of Cosmetology received the prestigious CIBTAC Award for the category New CIBTAC Centre 2019. It was presented by the stunning Caroline Hirons. The CIBTAC Awards celebrate the amazing work and commitment of their Centres, Tutors and Students. Winning the award reassures our students that our services are recognised within the industry as first-class. Other finalists of this category are Coco College of Beauty Therapy (Ireland) and Tesio Therapist Academy (Japan). The ceremony followed the Innovative Beauty One Day Conference. “Education, professionalism and industry development [...]

Students learn massage with aromatic candles. The class is led by a physiotherapist and a cosmetologist from Poland.

September 11, 2019

This week at the college we welcomed guests from Poland, Bielska Wyższa Szkoła im. Józefa Tyszkiewicza University. Lecturer Katarzina has over 20 years of experience in physiotherapy and business. Lecturer Silvia is a specialist in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine, has a Master’s degree in cosmetology and is continuing to develop her knowledge both in Poland and abroad. They introduced the students with their institution and taught a massage technique using aromatic candles. Both lecturers admired the premises of the International College of [...]