Therapeutic Massage

International College of Cosmetology (ICC) is a private college that implements two study programs – Aesthetic Cosmetology and Therapeutic Massage, both in the study field of Health Care (accredited until December 31, 2022 according to the Higher Education Law).

ICC acts in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Latvia, the Law of Higher Education Institutions, the Law of Education, the Law of Professional Education and their corresponding regulations, as well as the internal regulations of the International College of Cosmetology.

Detailed Study course catalog Therapeutic Massage

GOAL – To prepare professional and world-competitive specialists in short-cycle professional higher education and qualification “Masseur”


1. To prepare students in accordance with the qualification requirements of the State Standard of Professional Higher Education and the professional standard “Masseur”

2. To ensure the development of the content of the study program and the study process in accordance with the requirements of the labor market

3. To motivate students to continuous improvement of professional skills.

4. To provide students with an opportunity to continue in the first cycle of professional higher education programs in order to obtain a sixth-level professional qualification.


1. Understands global trends in health care and therapeutic massage

2. Understands hygiene and safety rules of their profession, professional ethics

3. Is able to apply communication strategies in various situations

4. Understands human anatomy and physiological and general pathological processes. Is able to see the regularities between the patient’s lifestyle and state of health.

5. Is able to collect anamnesis data, is able to independently evaluate the type of massage used, techniques, indications, and contraindications, according to the patient’s health condition, is able to provide recommendations

6. Able to maintain responsible business

7. Is able to introduce the latest evidence-based research in the field of health care

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