Strengthen in the Strategy, the internationalization of International College of Cosmetology (ICC) is one of the most essential priorities of it’s development.

The goal of the internationalization policy is a purposeful move towards excellence, opening the college to the world with the aim to improve its competitiveness at the international and national level:

  • student and staff mobility;
  • joint international projects;
  • international research cooperation;
  • joint international projects;
  • close cooperation with partner countries;
  • long-term attraction of international teaching staff;
  • attraction of international students;
  • teaching staff involvement in international scientific research;
  • international scientists participating in research at ICC;
  • creation of a network of partner organizations in Asia;
  • students’ participation in international competitions.

ICC’s international cooperation and internationalization policy’ tasks:

  • student and staff mobility;
  • attracts foreign strategic partners;
  • concludes agreements with international organizations, colleges and universities;
  • organizes the reception of international guests;
  • organizes the international CIBTAC exam;
  • coordinates international research;
  • organizes international events, including International Week;
  • organizes Erasmus + mobilities in and out;
  • supports international further education of graduates.


ICC has obtained the CIBTAC (Confederation of International Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology) accreditation and has been a member of the organization since 2015. ICC is a member and the official representative in Riga of the World Massage Federation since 2017. In addition to ICC issued higher education diploma, graduates of the Aesthetic Cosmetology program can take the CIBTAC international exam and receive the international CIBTAC diploma, while graduates of the Therapeutic Massage program receive the diploma of the World Massage Federation. Since 2017, successful cooperation has been established with the Spanish Work Exchange Program ( – 8 SKK students have already been on internship mobility to five-star SPA hotels in Spain.


ICC has agreements with higher education institutions in Lithuania and Great Britain for further studies at the bachelor’s level. Thanks to the agreement, one ICC’s graduate is already studying at the University of Derby, obtaining a BSc in Wellness Management.


Students and lecturers have the opportunity to use study, teaching or training mobility abroad. Mobility has proven its sustainable, positive and enriching impact on its members, the organizations involved, and the ICC will continue to work actively to strengthen the international dimension and to integrate into common European education and employment processes in order to enhance the quality and prestige of higher education. ICC has a solid network of international partners. By 2020, 30 international cooperation agreements were in place. By 2026, the goal is to have 65 agreements. ICC actively implements student and staff mobility within the framework of Erasmus + KA1 projects. Mobility activities have been implemented in Spain, Austria, Germany, Great Britain, Bulgaria, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Italy, Denmark, Ireland, Cyprus, France.


One of the strategic goals is to expand the network of partner organizations in Asia. At least 15 cooperation agreements will have been concluded by 2024 with Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Korea, the United Arab Emirates, India, and other countries. Currently, a cooperation agreement has been concluded with Indonesia, and incoming and outgoing mobility for students and staff is planned.


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