CIBTAC (Confederation of International Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology) is an international examination institution that cares about the quality of training in the field of beauty, as well as complementary and sport therapy.

Why choose CIBTAC courses and pass the exam?

CIBTAC is an internationally recognized certificate! Employers all over the world appreciate CIBTAC and perceive it as a guaranty of professionalism. Choose and develop the career in country that is suitable for you!

CIBTAC is a recognized quality mark in the beauty industry! CIBTAC programmes provide strong theoretical foundation and professional practical training that is necessary for a successful start of work.

In CIBTAC examination board – only the world’s leading industry experts! They provide assistance, offer advices and recommendations for exam preparation.

Only the independent expert evaluates the results of CIBTAC exam! Every person that passes the exam can rely on the validity of results.

CIBTAC exams at affordable price! At the same time the highest standards of training and examination are preserved in order to meet the growing requirements of the beauty industry.

CIBTAC evaluates the achievements of each person! Both students and tutors can be honoured with an award for their professional work and achievements in the beauty industry at the prestigious CIBTAC & BABTAC awards ceremony

We are proud to cooperate with CIBTAC – It means progress and innovative thinking in the development of the beauty industry. Working together, we are raising industry standards and provide employers with work-ready beauty professionals that are confident about their skills and career opportunities.

We offer:

For students  to pass the CIBTAC exam together with the exam of Cosmetology College, because CIBTAC educational programme is effectively integrated in the college’s programme.

For professionals – to choose CIBTAC as separate courses, to pass exams and get the CIBTAC internationally recognized qualification.

To learn more about CIBTAC opportunities, please contact by phone +37126142531  or contact by e-mail elizabete@skk.lv

Visit CIBTAC’s official website https://www.cibtac.com/

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