International Cosmetology College (hereinafter – college) is a private college, a commercial company founded by natural persons in 2003, which offers persons, who have received secondary education, an opportunity to obtain first level professional higher education and fourth level professional qualification.

College was the first professional educational institution in Latvia for beauty professionals and it  stands out from others with  more than 10 years considerable experience. The College is an absolute leader among the Latvian and in near future also among the European cosmetology educational institutions.


 “Our 17 years of experience in education has given us the confidence that we are the very best. Our advanced training program provides the knowledge and skills to successfully compete in the job market. Our operations are driven by attractive and positive people who love their work. Our main values are the staff experience and knowledge, quality of the offered products, service and continuous innovation. The abilities to change, to adapt to consumers’ needs and demands, are the cornerstones of Cosmetology College. We are inspired by our clients, and from them we learn.”


Marika Gederte Founder of the International College of Cosmetology, Chairman of the Board of Ltd. “International College of Cosmetology”, co-owner, Master degree in business studies.

Inguna Kalke

Professional Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA ), Master degree in Education science in pedagogy
E – mail: inguna@kk.edu.lv



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